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Our gymnasium is our life.

The brand of the educational institution of the Gymnasium № 107 is what people say, feel and think about our institution. It manifests itself in everything from our visual identity (logo, colors, designing, etc.), to the voice and tone of our content, we show the way to the future student.

907 children is our friendly team   #team107

Imagine yourself! Each school and every student throughout Ukraine have adopted for themselves the proliferation of unbridled learning, care and knowledge sharing. We connect you with the people and resources that you need to thrive in your life. 

Our gymnasium is our life.

Each of our steps, each program, every initiative, each meeting, every decision is focused on doing what is best for ours. We are working to understand our schoolboy deeply in order to serve their needs and interests and give them every opportunity to go beyond their perceived limitations and discover something new about their abilities and help them succeed.

We are working hard to build a real dream team!

We are different and each of us - individuality, but together we are a team.

1, 0, 7 - different numbers, but together - it's 107, that's us, it's our team!

Останні дописи

Gymnasium of the future is:    

Modernly equipped facility with well-developed sports infrastructure. With in-depth study of individual subjects, additional educational services. With a professionally qualified pedagogical team able to adapt to the requirements of the time, a high level of corporate ethics, where mentorship for young people is provided and conditions for professional growth are created. With an atmosphere of favorable microclimate, mutual assistance, cooperation, cohesion and unity. With an established partnership with the parents of students, community and institutions. With a positive reputation at the level of the city, region, Ukraine, created by its own brand of gymnasium.